Career Services


    A value add of the Renee Alliance Group is our Career Services Center. We are with you every step of your career path from course completion to interviewing for the job. Our team aid clients in developing a strategy to meet your needs from contracting, part-time, internships, and full-time work experience.

    Clients are challenged to use creative and logical thinking during each course. At the end of the course, our team work with the clients to create a course of action and vision for their future goals. Whether clients choose additional courses from our catalog to prepare them for entrepreneurship and financing or build a more powerful resume to gain employment, we are prepared to coach them through the process.

    Career Etiquette

    Employers want to see you outside of their office and how you perform in social settings. They observe how you conduct yourself, scrutinize your table manners, and even observe whether you know which fork or spoon to use. We have taken the liberty to give this seminar, making you one step closer to that highly marketable candidate the company is hiring!

    Click here to call or email us to setup an appointment today to meet with one of our counselors. You don’t have to take a course to take advantage of our services although it is highly recommended.

    Career Planning

    Setting goals and completing a self-assessment is the first step to define that dream career path. We guide our clients to take an honest look at their strengths, weaknesses, and personality style for the ideal job or profession. Prove that an investment in you is likely to reap a return!

    Career planning includes Discovering your current and future experience and education, Career opportunities and trends in the job market, and Salary requirements and current market value. 

    Resume Services

    A well-written resume serves one purpose: to indicate to a potential employer that you are the exact fit for their team. However, writing the resume is just one step. Proper preparation and job readiness leaves a lasting impression on employers during your interview. We offer resume services and mock interviews to give you the confidence needed and land the job!

    Hiring managers have challenges when reviewing resumes. Although resumes are needed to fill current job openings, many candidates fail to apply for positions that meet their background and experience. Candidates have poorly written historical information on their resume to give a hiring manager an accurate account of their past experience. We understand your credentials and create a resume to highlight exactly what information a hiring manager needs to make a quick decision.


    Most people take referrals from friends, family and colleagues when looking for every day companies that address an immediate need. Most don’t use the same when looking for a new job or career. Renee Alliance Group can narrow down your interests and focus on those local groups to network and meet the right individuals. Call us today!


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